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Musical Caresses For Your Soul

Cameron Powers

Dance Massage Yoga Sacred Dance

I called them “Maqam Massages.”
Maqams are the traditional music scales used in Egyptian music.
They invite musicians to exercise their deep listening skills so that the perfect harmony of “just intonation” which conforms to the laws of acoustic physics can be mastered.

I offered these Maqam Massages in one-on-one personal sessions wherein I would sometimes sing directly into a person’s body using my intuition to find the places that most needed healing or attention.

I also offered them in small group gatherings at various small venues… yoga and dance studios…

Songs from Cameron Powers Project CD gradually filling out with vocals and video decorations. Here is new version of Breath of an Angel.

This session was recorded as I offered a personal Maqam Massage to my friend Janis.

This session was recorded as I improvised a healing session for a group assembled at a local yoga studio.

I wrote and recorded this song as part of the Cameron Powers Project. Dear Friend Beth Leone (now known as Elizabeth Wilcock) did dance interpretations on top of Flagstaff Mountain above Boulder, Colorado.

Lunar Fire formed in 2002 beside the volcanoes of Lake Atitlan in the Mayan heartland of Guatemala & tours internationally with a home base in the mountains of Colorado.
Teresita Nomadica reposted this which includes oud taqasims by Cameron Powers.
Thanks to magical percussionist Gilly Gonzalez and his participation in the Cameron Powers Project Band, Cameron has felt deeply connected to the whole Lunar Fire tribe.
“Came across this very healing wash of soothing tranquility, an inspiring message of compassionate love birthing the wild seed of creation, a mystic video of pure Myth Magic from Lunar Fire performing title track from 2nd album “ANCIENT GUIDES.”
LIVE MUSIC: Teresita Nomadica Native Flute & Spanish English Vocal Flows, Precious Hill soaring vocals, Rodolfo Escobar III rocking bass, Lisa Marie & Gilly Gonzalez dynamic duo on drums, the amazing Cameron Powers on Oud, + Cosmic Throat Singer Matthew Kocel medicine recorded on the track.
THEATRICAL DANCE: Tarena VousAime as Goddess of Compassion with full LUNAR FIRE TROUPE of tribal cirque support, Laureleye MaQi Ananda as the Seed of Creation in body sock with projections, + Boris Karpman visionary video. FILMED by John Hartman.” -Teresita
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